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10 Best Environment Friendly Packaging Designs

Anna Scott Aug 30, 2019
There are several methods which we, as common humans, can use and therefore contribute in saving the nature. One way we can do this is by choosing the right packaging for our products.
As many brands are getting eco-friendly and aware of the options, they produce custom boxes with environment friendly packaging designs. This is not a trend to die out soon, it is the need of the hour. In many countries, governments take up steps to promote eco-friendly options.

Using Newspaper As Egg Cartons

This is a classic example of how you can use discarded newspapers to build up egg cartons. In this way, the newspaper is basically folded and the ends are tucked away to form some sort of a basket, so that eggs remain safe and in place.

Reusable Bags

A lot of brands are creating their own custom canvas bags that customers can buy or get free with every purchase. These bags can be kept in your car and you can use them every time you go out for groceries.

Using Plates Made of Leaf

A lot of plates are made from plastics and Styrofoam, which is unsafe for the environment. But then, plates made up of leaf are biodegradable. There is no additive, glue or other synthetic material added in, and it degrades in just 28 days.

Packaging That Can Be Planted

A lot of brands have taken things one step further. They have incorporated seeds into their packaging which customers can plant. Simply, take them out, soak them and transfer to soil and here you go, you just planted a seed.

Turning Cardboard Into Balls

Packaging which can be transported in circular balls is now packed in cardboard balls. These balls can be later utilized by kids who may enjoy them as soccer or football. Thus, the packaging can be used for a lot of purposes.

Packaging for Bulbs

Usually bulbs come with a lot of corrugated packaging, or even with other types of packing. To minimize it, a simpler type of packing is created by using recycled cardboard which gives a lot of protection to the bulb so that it doesn’t break.

Making Bottles Out of Paper

Plastic bottles are one of the worst things for the environment. To reduce the damage, paper bottles have been created. It is made from newspaper and cardboard, and contains an inner lining which is made of thin plastic. This bottle is resistant to water and can be easily shipped.

Wine in Cartons

Other than the traditional design of wine in glass bottles or tins, it is now made in cartons, which are not only easy to use but also decompose easily.

Cardboard Chair

This concept sounds funny and unique. Not only that, this idea is also stable enough to be used!

Subscription Boxes

A lot of clothing and makeup brands create these monthly subscription boxes, which are made out of cardboard and are eco-friendly.