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9 Ways You’re Slowly Destroying the Planet Without Even Realizing It

Priya Johnson Feb 3, 2020
Today, we’re much more environmentally-conscious than our predecessors. We use bio-degradable, environment-friendly products in our daily lives. However, are we doing enough? Do we still unknowingly harm the environment?

Online Shopping

Can online shopping be harmful? When you purchase an item at the click of a button, it starts getting packed to be shipped.

A large amount of packaging material is utilized to send items to the buyer. Even small, commonly available items are purchased online, unnecessarily increasing the packaging garbage waistline.

ATM and Card Swipe Machine Receipts

Receipts are generated per transaction for our benefit. If we do not need to present these receipts before anyone, then it’s best to refrain from opting for a copy.

It’s important to note that these small pieces of paper, that we mindlessly discard require gallons and gallons of oil, water, and trees, before coming to our aid.

Not Unplugging Devices

We leave our laptops, microwaves, water heaters, air conditioners, etc. plugged in 24*7. It’s important to make it a point to turn off and unplug all devices and appliances when not in use. Even in the ‘hibernate’ or ‘plugged-in’ state, a certain amount of power is being used and lost.

Disposable Tableware

Disposable tableware is convenient, affordable, and hygienic; perfect for parties and gatherings.

Even if we consciously opt for paper disposables, these alternatives call for a tremendous amount of tree cutting, which is harmful for the environment.

Ordering Food Home

Food delivery is gaining momentum by the second. Having the food delivered to our doorsteps is convenient; saving time and energy.

A lot of packaging material is required to pack food items, and make them travel-worthy. This further leads to the depletion of our precious natural resources.

Charging Through the Night

When we leave our phones charging through the night, once it reaches 100%, it still continues to draw a certain amount of unnecessary energy.

When this becomes a habit for millions across the globe, we waste considerable amount of energy we cannot afford to lose.

Per Use Packing

Food manufacturers are packing food and beverages in consumer-friendly, personal, one-time portions.

However, unnecessary packing material is being utilized per personal pack, which contributes to the overall garbage in the world.

Microbeads in Face Wash

Our personal care products like face washes, shower gels, toothpastes, etc. contain microbeads. 

These tiny, plastic microbeads get washed off into the drain, and are unable to be filtered during water treatment processes on account of their tiny size. When consumed by fish, they harm their internal organs.

Showering, Flushing, and Washing

Water wastage occurs because of using water more than required for
washing and cleaning purposes. The running shower while we bathe wastes a considerable amount of water. Water-saving tap nozzles change the water flow to a gentle spray enough for washing and bathing, and reduces overall wastage.
Ignorance is not bliss! We cannot help save our planet if we’re unaware of the different ways we’re harming it. It’s our duty to educate ourselves and be good stewards of our planet.

Use efficiently, reuse, and recycle!