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Benefits of Mobile Phone Recycling

Madhura Pandit
One of the many benefits of mobile phone recycling is that it is not only beneficial for the environment, but also helps in earning money. Here is a list of advantages of cell phone recycling.
What is the biggest similarity between a car and a mobile phone? Before the pleasure of owning the best model dies down, out comes another newer, smarter and more luxurious version! According to recent statistics, it has been found that people change their cell phones every 15-18 months.
This is because of the advancement of technology and competition in the market. But, have you ever wondered what happens to the older, used mobile phones? Your own old cell phone may be lying in your drawer, or perhaps made its way to the garbage sites. But, what next?
They simply become parts of the electronic waste or e-garbage. But, if you take a look at the benefits of mobile phone recycling, you will be convinced that it is better than reducing mobile phones to electronic garbage. Let us take a look at it in detail.

Benefits of Recycling Cell Phones

Throwing away a cell phone is banned in states like Maine and California. This is because of the harm caused by mobile phones to the environment. Therefore, in order to reduce this pollution, recycling mobile phones is the best alternative available today.

Reuse of Raw Material

Electronic wastes are made of metal and hence, cannot be decomposed in the soil. Similar is the case with mobile phones. Therefore, throwing mobile phones can harm the environment. On the contrary, recycling cell phones can be useful as the metals can be extracted and put into use again. Metals like iron, copper, silver, etc.
can be used for making some other products. This will indirectly also decrease the requirement of freshly mined metals. Therefore, the first and the most important benefit of recycling cell phones is: reuse!

Energy Conservation

Another advantage of recycling mobile phones is that it helps in energy conservation. According to recent statistics, it is found that recycling a single mobile phone helps in conservation of energy required by a laptop to go on for 40 hours.

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So, imagine the amount of energy saved on recycling 1 thousand or 1 million mobile phones. You may wonder how does recycling help in energy conservation? When the pre-existing material is used or reused, the energy required for production and transportation of new products is saved.

Protection of Environment

Mobile phones, their batteries or accessories contain toxic elements like lead, mercury, which can be dangerous to the environment as well as human beings. When the mobile phones are dumped at garbage sites, these harmful material may get into landfills and pollute groundwater sources.
Therefore, it can indirectly harm human beings and all other living things. On the other hand, recycling can help in recovering these metals from mobile phones and their accessories, and put them into use again.

Earning Money

Do you know that you can earn cash by sending your old phone to recycle? Well, you may not be aware of this most practical and useful advantage of mobile phone recycling. Certain companies like Envirofone (Envirophone) buy your old phones, pay you for it and send the phones to recycle.
You can either check out on the Internet as there are several sites that are into the recycling business; or even look for charity organizations that too work on recycling of e-garbage.
It is essential to spread the awareness about electronic recycling. Therefore, we all should try to protect the Earth from further pollution as much as we can. And recycling is one of the best methods. So, go green and recycle! Ciao!