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Everything You Should Know About Biomass Energy

Poushali Ganguly Feb 28, 2020
If you want to know about biomass energy which is now growing in popularity everyday, read this information.
Biomass is a source of energy that uses natural matter such as trees, wood chips, manure, sewage, grass cuttings, timber waste and the like. It includes most of the biological material, living or dead. This energy is used in industrially and domestically.
Biomass is becoming a booming industry now since it is cheaper since there is a lot of organic waste all around and is quite effective. It can generate energy of all kinds like electricity, heat, fuel and motion.
It contains organic energy that is stored in the cell and tissues of the plant body. The most important gas, which plays a key role in biomass becoming such a primary energy source, is methane.


As stated earlier Biomass consists of energy that is contained in the plant body. But we still need to know the process the energy is broken down. So to start from the basic, plants derive energy from the sun and prepare food for them. This process of food making by the plants is called Photosynthesis.
When humans eat these plants as green vegetables the energy that the plant body absorbs is passed on to the human body in the form of chemical energy. So be it human body, animal or plant body-all are sources of biomass energy, which is evidently a renewable source of energy.
This type of energy can also be produced form the manure of livestock and human beings wherein the energy cells and are broken down to get the latent energy.


Heat and light produced by burning the biomass energy is not the only way of using it. It can be converted into many more convertible forms of energy. Some such examples are methane gas, ethanol and diesel.
Methane is in great demand now since it is one of the main ingredients in natural gas and natural gas is one of the most handy fuels when it comes to fuel for cooking.
Similarly Diesel, which is one of the major transportation fuels, is also obtained from remnants of food which are generally thrown away consisting of animal fats and vegetable oils.


● Biomass energy saves the nonrenewable sources of energy from getting exhausted and opens the door to a new unpolluted and cleaner environment. This would be new start for the next generation since right at this moment the greatest problem that the world is facing is of pollution.
It is true that burning of Biomass also produces carbon dioxide but then the sane amount of carbon dioxide is absorbed back by the plants when they grow, so it is effective that way.
● Biomass also helps to clean the surroundings since it generated by burning organic waste. Using Methane and diesel as cooking and transportation fuel, saves them from being released into the atmosphere and thus contaminating the atmospheric air.
This helps in maintaining the global climate and does not add to the greenhouse effect at all. The ash that is obtained when burning Biomass is used for the purpose of making roads and buildings