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Cash for Recycling Cans: A New Way to Save the Earth

Omkar Phatak
Do you know that you can earn cash for recycling cans? Environmentalists and industrialists are offering money for recycled stuff to make people choose eco-friendly recycling.
The industrial revolution has made mass production of goods possible. Identical products can be produced in millions. Plastic and metal products of various shapes and sizes are produced. Due to mass production, most of the products, which once cost a lot, are now very cheap.
'Use and throw culture' is the order of the day. This culture has created mountains of waste everywhere and most people do not care what happens with that waste. Schemes like 'Cash for recycling Cans' are aimed at replacing 'Use and Throw' with the 'Use, Recycle, Use' culture. One business that runs such a scheme is SA Recycling.

Mass Production and a Decline in Value of Things

The assembly line production of goods has made things cheaper, but it has also caused a decline in the value of things. There was a time when everything bought, was valued and, therefore, people used their stuff carefully. Yes, things were more imperfect and fewer in number, than they are today, but they were used carefully and sparingly.
People knew that resources are limited and they should be used with care and not wasted. Now, the new generation, targeted by the industries, has been brainwashed into believing that 'More is better', even though you do not need it.
These multinational corporate giants, through their advertisement campaigns bombard us with temptations and create new superfluous needs for things, which are basically not needed and once used, create tons of trash, which affects the environment.
Plastic and metal recycling is a way out of this. It is a way of saving our Earth from becoming a huge garbage dump.

A Win/Win Solution

With advent of the canned food culture, used aluminum can waste abounds, weighing in tons. The cash for cans campaign is a unique kind of endeavor. It provides an incentive for reducing the metal garbage. People all over the world have created groups to collect aluminum cans and raise money for social causes.
This idea benefits the industries which produce these cans. This is because cost of recycling old cans is lower than the cost of producing new ones. So, this is a smart win-win solution for the corporates and the environmentalists. The once blind corporates have started realizing the monetary benefits of recycling.
So, due to campaigns like these, people have finally realized how precious waste products can be. The fundamental philosophy behind recycling is that nothing is useless. If you look at nature, everything in the natural world gets recycled. Life is not created from brand new atoms.
The atoms have been the same, only combination change to create new structures. Everything in nature, therefore, has a natural balance, which is achieved through recycling.
If you need to raise capital for a cause in your school, college, or workplace, just put up waste bins, dedicated to collecting aluminum cans. Locate the nearest center in your city, where cash is accepted, in return for cans. Periodically submit your collected booty of cans and generate money for a good cause.