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How Does Global Warming Work?

Veethi Telang Feb 23, 2020
How to combat the effects of global warming should concern you. It's a threat to our planet Earth. Perhaps, it's more than a threat. Read on to know all about the working of global warming..
It runs shivers down the spine to think of our world a couple of decades from now. Day-to-day variations in climate, summers drier than before, and winters chillier than ever - as much as you and me want to neglect these facts, the truth is, they are very much a part of our lives.
We take these changes for granted, but in reality, we and our future generations are going to have a hard time combating them. Global warming - it's no longer an emerging environmental issue. In fact, it is very much here, and is making its presence felt in a myriad ways, many of which, we're ignoring.
Gone were the days when ignorance was a bliss - today, either we stop prattling about global warming and really do something about it, or we see our future generations blaming us, just like we do it currently, for the difficult life they're going to lead in the coming few decades.
Harsh it is, but understanding the mechanism of global warming will help us take initiatives in a better way, and contribute, even though a little, to this gargantuan environmental issue. Let's begin with understanding what is global warming.

Global Warming Explained

Simply put, global warming can be defined as an increase in the average temperature of the Earth as a result of natural calamities and man-made destructions.

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While natural causes may include volcanic eruptions, movement in the tectonic plates, exploding of sunspots, or change in the Orbit of the Earth.
Man-made destructions include: deforestation, installation of power plants, burning fossil fuels and generation of poisonous gases. Greenhouse gases that occur naturally are held responsible for this increase in the Earth's climate.
Since the heat that is to be radiated back into the atmosphere, in reality, gets trapped, thus, leading to a sudden increase in the temperature. In next section explains in detail exactly how does global warming disrupt the equilibrium of our blue planet, Earth.

Global Warming: How Does it Work

Much has been said about the causes and effects of global warming. However, not much has been thoroughly discussed with regards to the working of global warming, as in, how does it affect the atmosphere.
To begin with, for the reason that greenhouse effect is the key cause behind global warming, that's where the working mechanism of global warming can be understood from.
When the gas concentration of the Earth's shield is increased due to trapped gases, global temperature takes a hike, thus, leading to global warming.
In addition, while weather analysts had a proper method of predicting weather patterns, for the reason that the temperature of Earth has increased, it has become an all the more difficult job to predict weather patterns now. Increase in temperature has led to violent storms, and has damaged many coastal areas of the world.
Furthermore, the changing weather patterns as a result of global warming have led to flooding in some areas and drought in others. This instability in weather has led to the destruction of many areas, and has made others more vulnerable to such calamities.
Also, global warming acts against the seasonal water cycles, thereby, leading to excess seasonal flows by melting the glaciers.
On the other hand, since many areas experience increased temperature, the rivers in those areas dry up easily, leading to water scarcity.
The working mechanism of global warming has left no facet of the Earth untouched. From risen temperatures to vegetation, from wildlife to natural entities, the effects of global warming have disrupted the equilibrium of life on Earth. Global warming works its way by sending heat waves that may cause heat-related illnesses and deaths.
While it is almost impossible to predict the degree of destruction global warming do to us, it can be said that global warming is going to take a toll on the global economy by damaging it.
Before it is too late, every human on planet Earth should take the responsibility of guiding others with respect to the pros and cons of global warming. Recycling, plantation of more trees, and reducing carbon gas emissions could be some of the first few steps that every person can take for the purpose of contributing to the wellness of our planet Earth.

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Global warming is enormous, however, even the littlest of contribution confirms hope within all. On the side of contribution or destruction - you choose.