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How to Earn Money by Recycling E-Waste

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
The concept of recycling E-Waste is getting extremely popular among people because of two main reasons; it cleans the planet and it is a good way of earning some extra cash. For people who want to have a good understanding of the monetary benefits of recycling E-Waste, read ahead...
Don't know what to do with your old washing machine, computer, laptop or television? Most people would probably throw these items in the open, unaware of the fact that there is a better way of disposing them.
Recycling is an extremely popular concept, and its contribution in the disposition of electronic waste (E-Waste) is probably the best way to make sure that our planet is not polluted with useless electronics.
As the use of technology increases, so does the creation of a new kind of waste. It is called E-Waste and it is filling up the earth with many environmental problems.
Most people in the US know that recycling electronics is probably the right thing to do. Almost every day, companies introduce recycling programs but not many people opt for it as they are unaware of the benefits the program has to offer them.

E-Waste Recycling Options

The US Media reports that recycling electronic items is extremely beneficial to the planet and to their pockets. However, very few people actually take this advice seriously because it takes a lot of effort to recycle and frankly not many people are interested in doing so. However, recycling can be done through easy ways, and it also pretty rewarding.

Mobile Phones for Cash

There are various online companies which pay cash for old and refurbished cell phones. All the user has to do is to go to such a website and select the model of the phone. The company will send a postage paid box and then the user has to send back his/her phone and charger.
Once the company has verified the cell phone, they send the user a check. The amount usually depends on the brand and the condition of the cell phone. These companies earn money by refurbishing the phone and selling it again in developing countries.


For people who think recycling electronics requires a lot of time, think again. People are selling lots of useless electronic items on the Internet and earning a very decent income. Users can look up on the Internet and register the products which they want to sell, the online companies offer them checks after verifying the product. The users will get paid according to the overall condition of the item. Some of them also get a chance to win a gift certificate.

Recycling Cars

This type of recycling looks very advanced but a process is expected to come in the near future. With the recent developments in technology, soon people would be able to recycle cars which are rendered useless. The process would be quite simple and the companies would sell the various parts of the car which are still in working condition. Such tests are currently being conducted in Texas and British Columbia.
According to the United Nations Environmental Program research data, there is an estimated 50 million metric tons of electronic waste generated every year from various electronic and computer products.
The need for new electronic items will only grow as the world steps in the new age of technology, so what will happen to those old items? Until and unless people don't step up and accept the responsibility of disposing all this electronic waste, it is going to end up in landfills and on the ground.
Once the landfills get full, these electronic items are then going to be dumped in poor and stagnant economic countries and dumping of E-Waste is going to damage the ecological balance of the earth on a much larger scale.
While most people recycle their household waste, they normally avoid recycling E-Waste. This waste is also very harmful to the environment and must be disposed properly and shouldn't be left in the environment.