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How to Start Recycling

Pragya T Feb 25, 2020
Everybody should do their part to make this planet Earth cleaner and greener. One way to reduce waste on the planet is by recycling. Here's how to start recycling as its simple and anybody can do it.
Recycling means processing used or abandoned items, so that new products can be made out of them. How many times you must have seen on product labels, showing that they are made with recycled waste? Also, many times on various products you will notice that the items can be given for recycling.
Yes, recycling has become easy and everybody can do it, and everybody should recycle, to do their part in keeping the planet clean and green. With some simple measures you and your family can start recycling. Wondering, how to start recycling? Follow these simple steps.

Segregate Your Garbage

The first step you need to undertake to start recycling, is to start segregating your garbage. This is an important step, and doing this means half of your job is done. So, you need to start separating your waste paper, waste glass, waste metal, and waste plastic.
Store them in different containers. You can buy these containers from a store. There are special recycle bins, which many people use to separate out their recyclable waste. But, you can save money and energy and importantly resources, by using old cardboard boxes as recycle bins.
So, take four old cardboard boxes, and label them or paint them with signs of glass, plastic, metal and paper. Keep these bins in a centre of the house, so that everybody in the family can access them. Also, encourage everybody in the family to recycle and do their part in recycling. If you want you can also keep a separate box for reusable materials.

Reuse the Household Items

Many household items can be reused. They can be reused by you, or others in the family. Or these items can be given to people who can reuse them. You can use old newspapers to wrap crockery. You can even use paper to wipe glass doors and windows.
You can use old metal cans to store small items like nuts, bolts or even some kitchen spices. Then paint on them or stick labels on them. You can cut plastic bottles and then paint on them some cute designs and place some river rocks in them. Then you can use them as flower vases or grow water plants like lucky bamboo or money plant in them.
You can also use small glass bottles as pencil holders. If you have clothes which don't fit you or some books which you don't use anymore, then give them away to an orphanage. You can also have a yard sale once in a while to give away things which you don't use.

Sent Garbage for Recycling

The next thing you need to do is start keeping your recyclable garbage at places where it is picked by the municipal people. In many places this garbage is picked every week, while in some places it is done every few weeks.
So, make sure you know the dates beforehand, so that you can keep the recyclable garbage in the right place. If you want you can keep a reminder on your cell phone a day before the recycle garbage pick-up day, or mark this day on calendar for you to remember.
Many times you can get paid for recycling. Did you know if you collect the whole year's newspaper garbage and sell it, you will get more money than the year's newspaper subscription cost you? Yep, the resale price of waste newspaper is higher, so don't let it go to waste.
Similarly, you can sell your metal cans and your glass bottles and get money for it. So, what are you waiting for? Follow the given tips to start recycling, to keep the planet Earth clean and green.