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How to Stop Global Warming

Global warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of the Earth, particularly at the lower atmospheric levels due to the increase in greenhouse gases. Let's try to find out some ways to stop global warming.
A serious and dangerous problem facing all mankind is global warming. If you love your planet and want to save it for the future generations, it is important that one learns the ways to stop global warming. Yes, it is possible, if every person on the planet did their bit to save the world.
  • Global warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of the earth, particularly at the lower atmosphere, due to the abundant increase of greenhouse gases.
What is Global Warming?
This is primarily due to the human's intervention and the lifestyle they have adopted in recent years.
  • Greenhouse gases, in its natural content in the atmosphere, are required for it acts as a greenhouse around the earth. It allows the sun's rays to pass through the atmosphere but doesn't let it escape, and creates a surrounding suitable for life.
Life cannot exist without green house gases like carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, etc. but they should exist in permissible quantities only. The problem of global warming arises when people start contributing abundant amount of green house gases which traps more heat in the atmosphere thus increasing the temperature.
  • Burning of fossil fuels like gasoline, coal, natural gas, etc. contributes to the rise in levels of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. in the atmosphere. This tends to heat up the earth, slowly destroy life on earth. In order to prevent loss of life on earth, one needs to take precautionary measures to reduce global warming effects.
Owing to the overall rise in the temperature, the glaciers in the Antarctic region have begun to melt which has increased the overall sea level.
Ways to Stop Global Warming
If this situation continues, many low-lying areas will submerge in the near future. Global warming also increases the occurrences of hurricanes.

There are many easy solutions to reduce global warming and its impact. First of all, people should understand the problem and take measures accordingly to save the world.

Efficient Use of Electrical Appliances

People should reduce the usage of electrical appliances which emit green house gases. For e.g. the refrigerator releases chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and the incandescent light lamp emits 300 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.
This can be replaced by a compact fluorescent light bulb which saves much energy. Only energy-efficient appliances should be used. Thermostat should be used for air conditioners since it reduces the temperature automatically.

Follow RRR - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

People should not dump waste products on the ground. Plant products, food waste, vegetable dump undergoes anaerobic decomposition i.e. they break down to produce methane, a green house gas instead of oxygen. Hence, the product usage and wastage should be reduced or recycled for a healthy atmosphere.

Importance of Trees and Vegetation

Trees absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide. Many trees should be planted since they involve photosynthesis, food preparation with the help of sunlight. During this process, trees absorb carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Also, existing forests should be saved and usage of plant byproducts should not be wasted.

Benefits Of Renewable Energy Sources

Usage of green power prevents 300 kg of carbon dioxide to be emitted into the atmosphere. The electricity obtained from the renewable resources like wind and water is called green power. The cost is also low in case of green power.

Eco-friendly Home Modifications

Insulation of the ceiling of a house and power saving is the important factor to reduce global warming. The electric appliances should be switched off instead to hold it in stand by mode.
This will save more power since stand by mode consumes 40% of the energy. Periodic maintenance of vehicles helps in efficient usage of fuel and reduces release of green house gases. Proper inflation of tires should be done and fuel wastage should be avoided.

Go Organic to Go Green

Consumption of organic food should be increased because organic soil absorb large amount of carbon dioxide. Buying local food reduces the consumption of fuel. Cows emit a large amount of methane due to their vegetarian diet. Hence meat consumption should be reduced. Also, paper cartons should be used instead of tinned food.

Eco-friendly Tips for Cooking

Cover utensils while cooking. Covering food while cooking helps reduce the loss of heat and thus, save a lot of energy while cooking. You should use more of pressure cookers and steamers as they help save energy up to 70% when cooking.

Saving Energy At Home

You should wash clothes or dishes in washing machines or dishwashers only when they are full. Do not use machines to wash a few clothes or utensils. If you wash a big load together, you will save a lot of water, electricity as well as energy.
Dry clothes on a clothes line only. Avoid using dryers, whenever possible, as it helps in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere. Air dried clothes help minimize the loss of energy as well.
Teach your neighborhood and friends about the cause and impact of global warming and methods to reduce it. Conservation of forests is also important for this purpose. Plant more trees and reduce the amount of paper used at homes and offices. Remember, every paper wasted, means 5 trees cut for nothing!
Hence, individuals and the government should be concerned about the environment and stop the incoming danger due to global warming. For those still wondering 'why stop global warming', it is because this phenomenon will cause earth to lose its protective covering, that is, the atmosphere.
If the atmosphere is lost, it will allow harmful radiation from the sun to penetrate into the earth. Thus, destroying plants, animals and human life gradually. Hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters will plague the earth causing widespread destruction.
If you do not wish to lose this beautiful planet to doom, make sure you do your bit to prevent global warming.

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