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Creative Recycling Ideas

Modify your old belongings into new items of use or decoration with creative recycling ideas, and have fun while you contribute to the reduction of global warming.
Mukta Gaikwad Feb 22, 2020
'Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle' is the global environmental slogan in the current scenario. Recycling literally means reusing dumped items by modifying them to create something new and useful. It has become a necessity because our planet is reeling under the pressure of 'global warming'.
Global Warming is a phenomenon of temperature rise on Earth due to green house gases, destructive human activities, deforestation, and burning of fossil fuels. We have already lost many species of flora and fauna in this turn of events and many more are likely to be lost.
Creation of nature is a natural process. There is nothing that man can do to bring it back once its lost. Hence, saving the environment is our only option, in order to save our future.

Recycling Clothes

Recycling need not involve picking out recyclable materials from the garbage. In fact it begins before we make the trash.
Old clothes like denims, skirts, and t-shirts are disposed off in the garbage can because they are either out of fashion or out of shape. Instead of doing that, try to reuse them differently! Take out your old pair of denims that are completely tattered and torn.
Accessorize your bathroom with denim rugs. Cut out the desired shape and sew lace around its boundary. This will give a rugged yet feminine look. That's not the only use of denims.
Diary covers are an excellent idea to bring out a very nostalgic look to your creation. Other than this, denims can be transformed into purses, window valances, toilet bowl lid covers and a variety of items.

Recycling Household Items

Household good like lamps, decorative items, old tins, and containers and tons of paper make their way into the dustbin. Before you throw them out, think out of the box.
Many times we find ourselves looking for scrap materials to get a science fair project or a hobby idea done. Here is your chance! You can turn oil lamps into designer candle holders. Tie bows around or paint them with colorful themes.
Paper recycling knows no bounds. Save the paper for an origami project or make an industry out of papier-mâché items. Paper recycling is supreme fun. The kids will love it too. Spend a weekend with them making things out of paper for a class project or just for the heck of it.
Bottles and tin cans, when added to household garbage becomes troublesome, as they are often un-recyclable. Save the trouble, and make lovely fish tanks out of bottles. You can even make pots out of old tin cans.
Pencil and pen holders are another excellent way of reusing bottles. They can also be used to store food items. All you need to do is revamp them with color and paper.
Redundant pots, pans, and serving spoons can be reused as wall clocks. If this isn't appealing, then donate them to camps which will use them or at least where the metal will be recycled.
Recycling not only helps nature, but also saves money as you don't have to go and buy things every time, when you can rather make them at home.
A famous quote by Paulo Coelho goes: "..There is a time to rend and a time to sew...", the time has come for the Earth to be sewed, for her wounds to heal. A stitch in time saves nine, and if we don't stitch now, we are sure to hit the road to perdition.