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Solar Air Panels

Dhanashree Patane
Get your home powered with the most reliable source of energy for heating. With solar gadgets contributing to balancing the ecosystem, solar air panels have made home heating an eco-friendly experience.
A warm and cozy home, that does not harm nature, sounds like eating the cake and having it too. When it comes to heating the house, more than the winters, the high costs of heating homes makes most of us feel the polar winds. How about heating your home without spending on expensive fuels and heaters. For the eco-friendly class, here is news that makes solar energy a lot revered than its present form.
Solar air panels are an eco-friendly and inexpensive way that work as heaters, deriving heat energy from the Sun. The Sun is a major source of energy, and research has gone far to harvest this energy in all possible ways. Solar panels are designed to use heat from the Sun as the energy to warm your house.

Solar Air Panel Make and Work Procedure

A solar air panel is designed with devices that convert the heat, radiation and light energy on a thermosiphoning panel, that will work as a heater for your house. The process is as follows:
  • Sunlight passes through the plates, the heat is trapped in these plates (absorbing plates) increasing the plate temperature. Soon, a temperature sensor placed in the panel that collects this heat, signals another controlling device setup.
  • This controller then compares the temperature inside the room to the temperature on the panels.
  • Once the temperature on the panels has increased to that of the interiors, another controlling device transmits a signal that switches on a fan that is installed for circulation in the house.
  • This fan draws cold air from inside of the house, and as the air passes through the collector panels, the temperature of the air is increased due to the heat. This warm air is then circulated in the house.
  • The circulation fan runs until the house is heated sufficiently, and stops once the maximum temperature is obtained in the house or once the collected heat is not sufficient to heat the cold air that is drawn from the house.

Solar Air Panel Build

The air panel is designed to heat the air, unlike other solar panels that are made to heat water. Some of the basic panel parts that are used are temperature sensors, blower, circulation fan, and controllers. A solar air panel make depends on the size of the air panel you wish to use.
Smaller panels can be hung on the window, while the larger ones can be fixed on the roof of the house. The make and size usually depends on the amount of space you wish to heat.
Ready-made panels will be on the expensive side, however, you can easily build a cost-effective air heater at home too. There are different types of solar panels that aid heating. They are available for commercial and residential use too. Some of the major types are:
Unglazed Solar Collectors - these have panels that can be further sub categorized in perforated and non perforated air panels. Glazed Solar Collectors- Glazed air panels are mainly used for residential heating.
The advantages of solar panels are that they are reliable and basic. They are economical and energy saving, along with being eco-friendly. The disadvantages are that extreme cold temperatures will leave you with not very warm air with these air panels. Also, if there is not enough sunlight on cloudy days and others, the panel will not be able to store enough heat.
Solar panels do come with a few drawbacks, but they are a very good and natural option to heat your home. Get the best of the Sun to warm up your home with solar air panels. Sure, it is an environment conscious investment... and that's what makes it all worth!