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Things We Can Do To Stop Global Warming

Divya Bichu
Global warming is a very serious problem we are addressing today. It has disturbed the whole natural cycle of our environment and therefore, causing unpleasant effects. Although steps to curb global warming have been taken at the governmental levels, but we can also on a personal level contribute to stop global warming. Keep reading to know how.
Global warming is caused due to the rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that embraces the radiated heat and stores it, increasing the overall global temperatures to dangerous levels. The rising temperatures have caused the glaciers to melt, thus causing an increase in the sea level.
Unpredictable weather and a strange change in climate patterns are also some of the effects of global warming. In fact, according to a recent study, over the past three decades our planet is said to be shrinking at a faster rate than usual.
Extreme climatic conditions like drought in some parts of the world while heavy rains in some others and record heat waves in most of the parts have sent an alarming message to stop global warming.
It is not that we are not trying to curb global warming; the governments of various countries and the UN (United Nations) have already started with their efforts to address the problem of global warming. They are doing their bit, and it's time for us to address this sensitive problem on a personal level.

Use a Bicycle

Restrict the use of cars to travel longer distances, you can walk smaller distances or use a bicycle instead. This will only limit the increase of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. You can also tune up your car regularly to increase its fuel efficiency.

Check your Tires

When it is time for a new car, select a more fuel-efficient car. Check your car tires regularly to ensure they are properly inflated, since that can improve the fuel efficiency of the car to a greater extent.

Use Public Transport

Coworkers or classmates staying close by in the same area, can use the carpooling or car sharing strategy. This will not only reduce the carbon dioxide emission, but also save your hundreds of dollars per year. You can also maximize the use of public transport instead of private.

Switch off the Lights

Switch off the lights, fans and air conditioners when not in use. Replacing your current tube lights and bulbs with fluorescent lights is a smart way to increase energy efficiency. They will also amount to huge energy savings in your monthly electricity bills.

Use Fluorescent Lights

Minimize the use of deodorants, as they contain CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) that contributes to the ozone depletion, which in turn gives rise to most destructive effects. CFC is also used as refrigerants. You can go in for a deodorant or a refrigerator that is CFC free.
Make sure you replace the filters of your air conditioners or water heaters to save electricity. In case your appliances are obsolete, replace them with newer energy-efficient appliances.

Turn off your TV

Switch off your television, computers and other devices when not in use. Usually we tend to leave these devices on a standby mode, this can use up to 40% of its energy in 20 hours. Therefore, it is important that you make use of the on/off button instead of leaving it on standby mode.
Adjust your thermostat according to the climatic changes. Keeping you thermostat at constant temperatures throughout the season, would not only help in cutting down your electricity bills but also reduces carbon emission in the atmosphere. Another way of tackling the problem of global warming is installing solar panels, instead of using electric geysers.
Lets decrease the amount of waste. We can use a reusable cloth bag instead of a paper or plastic bag. Adding up to the amount of waste, requires more energy to recycle them. In case it is unavoidable, and you are bound to use paper or plastic, at least make sure you use the recyclable ones.
Forests play an important role in absorbing carbon dioxide, thus reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Therefore, it becomes important for us to preserve the forests and discourage the encroachment in forest areas, converting them into concrete jungles.

Dry Clothes in Air

Encourage the use of renewable sources of energy like air, biomass, solar, etc. You can air dry your clothes instead of using a dyer. The use of solar power and biomass are ready to be deployed widely.
But there are a few obstacles that are delaying the use of these technologies. If all of us stand together and break down those obstacles, we would contribute largely in reducing global warming.
Many products in the supermarket are imported from enormous distances, that require lots of energy. In most cases, there are equally good products made closer to home at the same or may be lesser prices; buy them. In this way to will save up energy and also encourage using local products.

Buy Fresh Vegetables

Buy fresh and organic foods instead of frozen foods. Frozen foods require 10 times more energy to produce, whereas organic foods store high levels of carbon dioxide. Thus, helping us remove a good amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
You can contribute recyclable things like aluminum cans, newspapers, card-boards, recyclable plastic, glass or anything to the recycling center near you. They reduce the energy needed to create new things. Raise awareness! Educate people about global warming and its disastrous effects. Share various solutions to stop global warming. Make sure you take initiatives to help the environment and encourage others to do the same.

Plant a Tree

The most important of all, let us all vow to plant at least one tree every year, may be on your birthday every year and nurture it.
A single tree can absorb amazing amounts of carbon dioxide over its lifetime. Let us all contribute to making this world a better place to live in. You can also gift a sapling to your friend or relative on his/her birthday to raise awareness.
These were some of the few things we can do to stop global warming. It is high time we realize the importance of addressing this sensitive issue and take corrective steps to tackle the problem of global warming. I am doing my bit to save the planet, earth; are you?