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Water Conservation Tips

Kashmira Lad Feb 27, 2020
Water conservation is a serious, yet mostly neglected issue. Conservation can begin at home itself; read on to know some tips about the same.
Water is precious! Most of us know that by now. However, how many people actually do their bit to save it on an everyday basis? Well, there are various ways to conserve water in our everyday lives.

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If you want to make a difference, then read on to know some tips. Remember, every drop counts, and every little effort you make, will help in the long run.

Conservation Tips

● You can begin from your bathroom. You can place a bucket under the shower, which will store the excess water from the shower. Use this to sprinkle your plants. You can also switch to an ultra low-flow shower head.
This would save a few gallons every minute. Shower for a brief period of duration, whenever possible.
● You can install a toilet displacement device that can cut down on the quantity of water needed to flush the toilet. For this, place a one-gallon plastic jug in the tank. Ensure the installation does not interfere with the operating parts.
● One of the most common and irritating thing is - most people do not turn off the faucet when brushing or shaving. So, the next time you brush, remember to turn off the tap when not needed.

● If you must use a dishwasher, then operate it only when it is fully loaded. Also, opt for the light wash feature, which will ensure less usage of water.
● Vegetables that need to be cleaned can be washed in a pan. Holding them under running water will only add to the wastage.

● The water you use to wash your vegetables can also be used to sprinkle the plants!
● Try to maintain one glass for drinking everyday. This would reduce the number of crockery you need to wash throughout the day.

● Dirty dishes and pans need not be placed under running water. Scrape the leftover food into the garbage before rinsing it under the tap.
● Always keep a regular check on all the plumbing and fittings in your house for any possible leaks.

● Always ensure you purchase appliances that have energy efficient and water efficient cycles. When you use the washing machine, ensure it is fully loaded and has options to adjust the water levels as per the load of clothes.
● Avoid using hose sprays to wash your vehicle. Take a little effort and use a bucket full of soapy water.

● If you fancy fountains in the outdoors, then use those that have fixtures which recycle water.
● For those people with green thumbs, you can plant your garden when the temperatures are cooler. This is because the plants will require less water. Ensure you remove the weeds, as they increase consumption.
Do not sprinkle the plants more than needed. Not only will this waste the water, it will also cause your plants to rot.
Use these tips everyday, as everyone can contribute to make a difference!