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Ways to Stop Air Pollution

Madhura Pandit Feb 29, 2020
A major cause of concern today, air pollution, needs to be stopped to prevent airborne diseases. Here is a guide to know the causes of air pollution as well as the measures to avoid it. Read and spread the word.
Air pollution, the major cause of global warming, has raised a high alert all across the world. Various measures are being undertaken by the government to implement ways to stop pollution. Adhering to these ways will definitely help to stop air pollution and secure our lives.

Tips to Stop Air Pollution

  • Save electricity. As doing so will help reduce the air pollution caused for its generation. Insulation of house with energy efficient equipment would save a lot of electricity consumption. Use Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) to save electricity. 
  • Switch off the lights when not of any use. You can use manual garden equipment rather than using an electric or gas-powered one. You should use fans or open windows for cool air as they are more beneficial than air conditioners. 
  • Air conditioners release a harmful gas known as chlorofluorocarbon which leads to air pollution. Using solar equipment is considered as the best of all alternatives for conserving electricity.
When possible, walk or cycle, or use roller blade or skateboards to nearby locations. Use of carpool or mass transit is also one of the most efficient ways to prevent air pollution. You can use other communication methods as well, instead of traveling all the way and losing out on fuel. Plan your small outings and get maximum of the work done in one trip.
  • Tailpipe emissions from vehicles is one of the most common and major reasons of air pollution. Service your vehicles on time and at regular intervals and always insist on cleaning air filters. Switch off your vehicles in case you halt at a place for more than 30 secs especially at railroad crossings, traffic signals, etc. 
  • You should check air conditioners used in vehicles at regular times in order to prevent leakage of CFC.
  • After you realize that your vehicle has turned old and is no more an efficient and pollution free vehicle, trade it for a newer model. New vehicles are pollution free and more efficient in protecting our environment. 
  • While driving any vehicle avoid accelerating too much.
  • You can convert a propane grill to natural gas to cook most of your party delicacies, which would help in tremendous reduction of other gases resulting in reduction of air pollution too.
  • Fires emit harmful gases in the form of smoke. 
  • This smoke pollutes the environment and affects our lungs. Hence, prevention of smoke and any kind of fire is very essential. That also includes the use of fireplace in homes.
  • You should use air pollution control equipment systems to keep a constant check on the pollution caused, and further control the same.
  • Buy and use only products or goods that are marked recyclable, as they can be reused and help in reducing pollution. Can sprays should be avoided for any purpose, as they contain Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), a poisonous gas. 
  • Packing of goods consume a huge amount of electricity, and when burnt, produce carbon dioxide as well as carbon monoxide further leading to be a greenhouse gas.
  • You should plant a tree every month or at least once a year to reduce the effects of air pollution. 
  • That will also help to maintain a cooling effect in your surrounding. You should use organic products while gardening and avoid raising dust while gardening or digging.
A few other methods to curb air pollution include using water based paints or paints categorized as zero-VOC for painting your interiors.
While purchasing appliances like refrigerators, television, etc., you can check and buy low energy consuming ones. Instead of using a heater, you could dry your clothes on a clothesline in the backyard. Using brooms or rakes instead of blowers to clean your yard will help raise less amount of dust in the area.
We must remember that every individual, wherever he may be, can create a huge difference even in the smallest precaution taken by following these strategies. Saving energy at home can help protect our environment, as the old saying goes "First step to success starts at home."
To help yourself, and the future generation reap the benefits on this beautiful planet you got to adhere to the above mentioned tips. To keep yourself as well as the environment healthy, it is advisable to stop smoking, especially inside the house.
Changing your routine and following these methods may be difficult, but is beneficial for us in the long run. So, don't get too late to join us and spread this piece of information with your friends and family too. It's never to late to make a new start!! Good luck!