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Working Against the Wedding Industry

Mikkie Mills Sep 6, 2019
What Isn’t Eco-Friendly About Weddings? In a word? Everything. Dresses, decorations and diamonds have long been a problem for the environment. Decorations and dresses are usually only used once. Diamond mining is also a problem.
If you want to get married without hurting the environment the wedding industry is actually working against you! The wedding industry is very wasteful, and not at all eco-friendly. So it’s up to you to make your wedding better for the environment!


When picking a ring, think about the benefits of lab grown diamonds vs real diamonds. Real diamond mining isn’t good for the environment. Lab grown diamonds can be identical to real diamonds, except they are created not mined. This makes them better for the environment and perfect for an eco-friendly wedding!


A huge issue with the luxury fashion industry and wedding dress industry is that these items are only made to be used a few times, with wedding dresses being meant to only wear once. This is so wasteful of materials, and resources. The solution? Buy used!


The flowers, the stationary, dinnerware, the decor, it can all be made more eco-friendly! While changing to compostable dinnerware is a way to be more environmentally aware, changing the flowers is subtle. What’s the problem with flowers? They aren’t organically grown, which causes chemicals to leach into the soil. Organic flowers are the most eco-friendly.
Stationary can be taken out all together for invitations. As far as decorations are concerned, try less paper, and more reusable or recyclable items. For example, instead of a paper confetti, try using biodegradable confetti. Using something like dried flower petals that are already naturally in the environment can give a natural aesthetic.

Weddings Can Make a Difference

In addition to diamonds, dresses, and decor, having the reception and ceremony at the same place you’ll save on travel time and fuel emissions. Despite the wedding industry working against the environment, anyone can have an eco-friendly wedding. It’s not as hard as it would seem.